Swords And Sandals 4

Play Swords and Sandals 4

Swords and Sandals 4 is the fourth episode of the awesome Swords and Sandals series. This game is effectively a board game like Dungeons and Dragons - you must create an epic gladiator character and pick various features such as their height, hair, character name and body type. You can also choose from one of four different classes - fighter, paladin, mage and bard - each class has different stats and abilities. Finally, you can select your characters starting stats such as vitality, strength and agility. Once your character is ready you can start playing the board game! During each game you must roll a dice to progress along the board. On each board space, you will have different challenges and mini-games. There are fun mini-game challenges, arena battles with other characters and also situations that are resolved by a throw of the dice. Build your character and try to earn gold to purchase new weapons and equipment. Join now and enjoy the game!


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